There are over 40 reasons, which for it speaks you are Internet addicted:

  1. In the school (work) told someone a joke and you answers with lol or *g*
  2. You forgets while Internet to breathe by sometimes.
  3. You double click on the TV remote maintenance.
  4. The bath tub overflows, because you only briefly your Mails check. (or who is in the Chat)
  5. Your co-inhabitants weight the fact that you do not talk in the sleep any longer but only with the index finger twitches.
  6. Your flirt at that bar begins with one "are you on?"
  7. In the morning you are on-line, before you deseamed yourself the teeth (if you make it).
  8. Search machines or the like (for example Google) ask you for support.
  9. The last sexual experience was "patches the new DSL connection".
  10. You already so well to whistle can that you can develop a connection to your Provider also without modem (or faxes to send away).
  11. You do not know, what for a sex your best friends have, because they have a neutral nick name.
  12. You the feeling have, someone to have killed if you switch your modem off.
  13. You nights spend in order to bring the counter on your homepage over (or more).
  14. Your computer more than your car costs.
  15. The lawyer of your wife (man) the divorce paper by email sends.
  16. You email yourself, in order to remind you to things.
  17. You got accustomed at cold coffee (food).
  18. You the homepage of your girl friend (boy friend, man, woman) kisses.
  19. You your emails examine, no new Mails on the server are and you still try.
  20. You end every sentence with (net, org, info, biz, name, tv or countries Domainend)
  21. You determine that your co-inhabitants are moved and you however no notion have, when.
  22. Your Pet his own homepage has.
    • Your Pet is on Twitter.
    • Your Pet is on Facebook.
    • Your Pet is on Instagram.
    • Your Pet is on (ends on 30.09.2016)
    • Your Pet is on Snapchat.
    • Your Pet is on Google+.
    • Your Pet is on xing.
    • or for short, Your Pet is on every social network side.
  23. All your friends have a @ in there name.
  24. You in the HTML format dream at night. (and/or CSS, PHP, Flash, Java)
  25. You hours need, in order to queck all your email addresses.
  26. It to stink begins, because your pet is die of hunger.
  27. Your phone bill is supplied in cardboards. (or Trucks).
  28. Your children are called CSS, HTML, Java, Flash oder Dotcom.
  29. You check the weather on instead of looking out the window.
  30. You Vote in the Internet for politicians from strange countries by mistake.
  31. Your last girl friend only was a .jpg (.gif, .png).
  32. You your head to the side bend, in order to smile. :-)
  33. You in the life always after the back button searches.
  34. You never the signal of your Service provider hear, because you are anyway always on-line.
  35. You in the Internet hear radio or watch television.
  36. You are on MSN Messenger (now Skype), ICQ, AIM (ends 12.15.2017), IRC, TOM (ends 11.21.2007) and YIM all together.
  37. You order your food on-line.
  38. You know your bank only from the Internet.
  39. You sits to the computer in the evening and you surprised that briefly on it your children must to the school.
  40. Your mailman opens your letters and send it by email to you.
  41. You on your desk chair better sleeps than in any bed and carry him therefore everywhere you travel.
  42. You have a discharge pipe to the toilet under your desk.
  43. You while Sex write your friends in the Chat each detail (Twitter and/or Skype, too).
  44. You write your name as URL not only in the life, your first name is the url and last name a Domainending.
  45. You are on your Smartphone in a Chat, Skype oder TS3.
  46. You wait for LTE. (on since December 2009)
  47. You wait for every new iPhone or Android.
  48. You work at home. (Online Job or Home Office)
  49. You take your Laptop (Tablet) with WLAN out to sunbathing (or for gardening) in the Garden or with Mobile at the Beach.
  50. You can start your car by Internet (or Smartphone) and drive it out of the Garage.
  51. The Bordcomputer in your car can do more (inkl. Internet), as the other one in cars from the same Model.
  52. You are in every Forum and but your are only a few days in you have the most writen.
  53. Your devices in the house (dwelling) in a network group are with one another and the refrigerator and your store on-line, which order things went out and you can serve your devices (as in Star Trek) by language.
  54. You each Sunday a Chat party with you organize more around to test like much your new Wireless LAN borne and you ever invite.
  55. Your first DATE with your new by e.g. ICQ runs, instead of with you or it, in a restaurant.
  56. You your own ISP (Internet service Provider) are.
  57. You have a satellite dish not only for TV, it can sky-DSL
  58. You rise in the morning and turn the PC on, before you go on toilet, although equal blister bursts to you.
  59. You surf during the work time in the Internet, although your Boss gave you already 2 warnings for it.
  60. You have 2 PCs with home network and talk with your wife (man, friend, friend) only with a LAN Chat program.
  61. You buy your child/children a PC (they can't even the ABC) and put it to the LAN, so they have at least this way somewhat from his father (mother).
  62. Your Toilet.



  63. You can't live without Smilies.
  64. You allready does not know if you in front of your PC or in the world there outside.
  65. You grab your Wife at the arm, push her home, sit on your Computer and buy the same cloth on the Internet including the shoes and handbag.
  66. You want to shopping, but your man grabs U on your arm sits you on front the Computer and you must buy your cloth, shoes and handbags in a Internetshop now and in future.
  67. You have a Internetbox for your TV or PC or a SmartTV.
  68. You don't know was a TV is.
  69. You sit in front of your PC and your frind tells you the results from NASCAR on e.g. ICQ.
  70. You are surprised, why you must buy each day a new pack of blank DVDs or Blu-Ray

when You have new one or find a wrong word of my bad english send me a eMail

when you find you in one of this, go to a local specialist for addiction.