My Homeland, Bavaria

I live in the beautiful and tourists popular Bavaria


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When You see this Sign near an Entrance, it is for "Disability Access in Bavaria"

  • The Yellow One stands: For people with a sensory impairment or a cognitive impairment. For those who want to do something together with people with disabilities. For people who are traveling with heavy shopping bags or luggage. And for people who want to live in an inclusive society in which no one is marginalized by barriers.
  • The Blue One stand: For people with a disability.
  • The Red One stand: For older people
  • The Green One stand: For Family with Children

When You now want to Visit us in Bavaria, then you are Welcome, some of us speek English, too. When you have a little trouble, then this Movie for Vienna in Austria works sometime in Bavaria, too. Not for all, but for the things you see in the Movie.